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The air freight service frequently use for high value and low volume shipment to meet the needs of the customer. Through the air we can achieve the best balance between transport time and costs whether an urgent spare parts delivery or the personal hand-over of your supreme documents.  It includes the different services options that are the pick-up and delivery condition at any time. Services are graded into Door-to-door, Airport-to-airport, Door-to-airport, Airport-to-door.  The air freight service team provide an emergency service there for you worldwide around the clock. Apart from swift services, there are unreserved workflows, complete clarity and transparency within your supply chain requirements for whipped workflows.These services are especially excited about the anticipation of helping customers with all of their air freight and air charter services this year and expect these results to continue in an upward fashion. Air Freight are adversely located to offer air freight provision that are both highly cost effective and individually customized to meet the unique needs of each shipper.

Air freight Services

The key attributes and benefits include:

  • loftier Handling & peerless Customer Service
  • Direct flights resulting in faster movement times
  • Shortened lead times through Next Flight Available service
  • 72 hour transit time to most worldwide destinations
  • Access of the largest selection of international carriers which enables a true worldwide service.
  • All regulations to satisfy the legal and managerial requirements of our corporate customers.

At Centre Pole Logistics our expertise in all areas are especially well suited to:

  • Emergency Orders
  • Production or Retail Inventory Shortages
  • New Brand or Product Introductions
  • Ocean Freight to Air Freight Conversion
  • Government/Military, NGO & Humanitarian Efforts/Projects

We welcome your inquiries on this area of our specialist. Our freight experts take care of day-to-day business needs that go afar standard pick-up and delivery which include merge in transit, Cargo Assembly Service, Food and Drug Administration Filing, Cargo Security Management, Real-Time Tracking/Data Export. In addition to the transportation charges for air freight, there are several optional services and prospective fees that may be charged for a shipment. With our web-based tracking and tracing system, you can view the current status of your shipment at any time. Our experts are very familiar with the local customs rules and regulations right down to the smallest detail. This special knowledge qualify us to handle all administrative tasks for you quickly and without any issue.

Some types of goods require special handling because they are exceptionally valuable, their transport requires a fixed infrastructure, or the transport is subject to special general conditions. The air freight proffers special services in the following categories High-Value Cargo Handling (HVC), Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR), Shock-Sensitive Cargo Handling, Temperature-Controlled Transportation. Moreover, we can also conduct the following services for you Cargo Insurance,  Letter of Credit Processing (LC), Certification and Authentication of Documents,  Advanced Commercial Information (ACI),  Food and Drug Administration Filing (FDA). A large percentage of air services around the world is managed through freight intercessor. Therefore a robust relationship between business enterprises and air cargo providers is immensely important. The high note given to the convenient delivery of goods around the world means that air freight supplier are financially tight and have a stable workforce.

This has been reported that demand for air freight services over that period of time increased by 7.5% year-over-year it typically provides the best growth results when studying Q4 trending.

The Air Freight services are regular in demand because of regional patterns of growth versus an Uttermost reliance that has been seen frequently in recent years.  Seasonal/Holiday demand is also the strong factor of the demand of air freight service. At centre pole logistic we especially excited about the prospects of helping customers with all of their air freight and air charter services this year and expect these results to continue in an upward fashion.

With the “passion for solutions “of the customers, The Air Freight services can accord to your business success because we frequently deliver magnificent and value-added solutions for all of our customers.  Whether a standard shipment or complex project, Centre pole logistic offers you the right solution for your transport needs at all times. Conducting at a large number of locations over different countries, our air freight specialists are ready to apply their skill, expertise, and innovation to find just the right solution for you – anytime and anywhere. The air freight service team has been united by a single driving force and a passion for solutions. We are driven to find more efficient and innovative ways to create value for you and to give you the certainty so that everything is under control. Customers want the products that they order as soon as possible irrespective of which part of the world they stay in. Air freight services has made this easier but business enterprises but still face many challenges which can be overcome by following few best practices. People all around the world have become prevail to receiving goods just with the click of a button. In domestic markets, logistics efficiency is easy to attain.


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