Project Cargo Services

Over the years, we have organized several high-graded project cargoes, benefaction our customers world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. Nevertheless of the shipment’s destination, our team grasp every consignment in a special manner, planning and engineering all the required points in detail (including a rigging study to ensure maximum safety throughout the lifting procedures). A good condolence with liners and break bulk operators helps us to propound our customers and partners a competitive service.

 The Project Cargo services at Operational Team Expertise involves :-

  • Site surveying and project planning
  • Route surveys and Choice of well – grounded carriers
  • Track and trace with en-route reporting
  • Customs clearance
  • Report of closing and final stage delivery.

At centre pole logistic our tremendous experience in trade and correlation with Shipping companies, Port Authorities, Custom agencies, Road Transport authorities and International Agencies authorize us to offer robust service, from perfect planning to correct achievement and finalization of project. Administer the heavy lift projects demands special expertise, care and delegating. Project Cargo Logistics have built a formidable reputation and heavy lift shipments with our committed operations team who have a rigorous understanding of handling cargo’s with ports, customs and transport agencies.  The services propounds the unconventional Project Cargo services as well as technical engineering services to conduct the project completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of your expensive goods.

Project Cargo is an exclusive field of Freight forwarding that requires prodigious expertise, experience and knowledge. Project Cargo Logistic is able to provide this authorities shipping service to expedite international movements of project cargo. Service has in-depth proficiency on which shipping line is best suited to your requirements; whether the consignment is to be shipped on a Flat Rack, break bulk vessel, or a roll-on-roll-off vessel. Project Cargo services can also embrace ocean freight, air freight road and rail from site to installation. This necessitate rules of a huge array of different infrastructures and regulatory bodies which we have capably handled in the past as well.

In centre pole logistic offer you an ample knowledge and experience of previous cargo projects to you. Allow us to quickly identify the most efficient route and service to ensure your project cargo arrives at its destination in the best time and at the most competitive cost.

Project cargo services arrives you at following service:

  • Heavy Equipment shipping.
  • The experience personals who understand points of loading and weight distribution so that there is no disorderly movement of your cargo during transit.
  • Full & Partial Charters.
  • Break Bulk shipments.
  • Consolidation and Packing Containerization.

The team of project cargo understands what is required to freight your shipment to your destination in the safest and most economical configuration. Project Cargo can also include ocean freight, air freight, road and rail from location to installation. This requires managing a huge range of different infrastructures and regulatory bodies which we have capably handled in the past as well. It offers you wide knowledge and experience in handling of project cargo in India & identifies the most efficient route and service to ensure your project cargo arrives at its destination in the best time and reach your shipment in the safest & at the most economical cost.

Special Project Cargo can be any goods that meet the following criteria:

  • Overweight: generally defined as freight that exceeds the weight limits of a standard shipping container. The maximum container weight accepted by ocean carriers varies and state and local departments of transportation have different guidelines for what is allowed to travel on public roadways.
  • Oversized: cargo is any shipment that exceeds equipment weight limitations or the structural tolerances of a standard container or flat rack. Self-propelled vehicles are considered oversized as well as any items that are towable.
  • Requires using any of a wide range of special equipment including: cranes, flat deck or drop deck trailers, heavy-haul tractors and trailers, gantry systems, hydraulic jacks or precision handling equipment for moving delicate instrument

We have all seen them on the road or around the city. I’m talking about big, often massively heavy or oversized loads travelling slowly down the roadway – usually trailed by a line of cars. Chances are those items are special project cargo. Shipments that don’t fit neatly into standard shipping containers, but instead require specialized handling, equipment and permits due to weight, dimensions or simply the unique properties of the goods are defined as “Special Project Cargo”. Moving thiIt may be ultra-large, heavy or even high-value equipment that requires specialized handling. Some examples of this type of shipment are industrial equipment such as: nuclear reactors, turbines, generators, transformers or water turbines’ type of cargo requires literally going outside the box.

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